The 2011 Club Championships were held as usual, over 2 meetings. The first meeting was held on Wednesday the 19th October and the second meeting on Wednesday 23rd November. The format for the Club Championships entails all age groups for both male and female swimmers being given the opportunity to race in a competitive environment with awards given to the top 6 places for male and female swimmers in all 5 disciplines by age group. The galas also provide every swimmer the opportunity to log official times so that they can set, achieve or beat personal best (PB) times.

A great atmosphere made for another great Championship. A number of new competitors meant that some early nerves were evident, but they were soon put aside as warm ups allowed for a release of some of the adrenaline. All competition went well and everyone seemed to enjoy both galas. Well done to everybody who put in the effort and competed and thanks to all the officials, parents and spectators who helped to make things run very smoothly.

From all of the events, the points scoring system was applied ( 6points for 1st place, 5 for 2nd and so on, down to 1 point for 6th place) and over the 2 meetings, the overall age group champions for both male and female over each age group were determined. Our champions for 2011 are as follows:





For anyone who is interested, the following links contain the times for each gala in 2 formats – times by event and times in alphabetical order by christian name:


Gala 1 by Event

Gala 1 by Swimmers Name alphabetically

Gala 2 by Event

Gala 2 by Swimmers Name alphabetically