Codes of Conduct

Stockton ASC have club specific ‘Codes of Conduct’ which are currently under review – until this process is completed, we ask that everyone abides by the ASA’s Code of Conduct as follows:

The aim of these codes (each, a “Code“) is to establish a set of guidelines which outlines the responsibilities and behaviour of Swimmers and Parents involved with Stockton Amateur Swimming Club (the “Club“).

Code for Swimmers

  • Arrive for training and competition on time, prepared and with the correct kit as requested by the Coach. Do not enter the water until the coach has instructed you to do so.
  • Inform the Coach before the start of training if you have any illness / injury which may affect your training.
  • Look at and listen to the Coach when they are speaking and follow the instructions given in training and at competition.
  • Behave appropriately in the water. Do not sit, pull on or climb over lane ropes or disrupt other swimmers.
  • Respect fellow swimmers at all times. Bullying in any form (whether that be Emotional, Physical, Racist, Sexual, Homophobic and Verbal, but not limited to these), will not be tolerated.
  • Behave sensibly in the changing rooms.
  • Notify the team selectors / Coach as soon as possible if you cannot attend a gala for which you have been selected. Be proud to wear your team kit.
  • If swimming for your club, stay with your team on poolside. Inform the coach or team manager where you are going if you leave the poolside.
  • Do and say nothing that will bring the Club into disrepute.
  • Personal conduct must at all times be of a high standard and reflect favourably on the sport and the Club.  Bad language in public or relevant group situations is not acceptable.
  • Speak to the Coach to get feedback after every race.
  • Enjoy your swimming and be a good sport whether you win or lose.
  • Performance enhancing drugs and substances are strictly forbidden. Swimmers are expected to be aware of the current list of banned substances and particular care must be exercised if anyone is on medication prior to or during a competition.
  • Illegal drugs and substances: The use of these, even though they may not appear on the official banned list in respect of performance enhancing drugs, is nonetheless prohibited.

Code for Away Trips

This Code is specifically aimed at “away” trips where travel and accommodation are required, and is in addition to the general Code for Swimmers set out above.

  • Consumption of alcohol is totally forbidden for swimmers under age as defined by UK law. In other cases, it must not be consumed by swimmers or staff members whilst en route, prior to or following a competition event, training session or team activities, without specific consent of the Coach.
  • Smoking: is prohibited by swimmers and staff whilst en route, prior to or during a competition event or training session.
  • Personal appearance: should be appropriate for the circumstances and as recommended by the Coach. Team kit and equipment shall be worn as directed by the Coach when competing and training, when assembling or travelling and at official team functions.
  • Attendance at all activities is expected unless agreed by the Coach. Throughout the duration of the trip, swimmers should inform staff of their whereabouts. Punctuality on all occasions is essential and any curfew must be observed.
  • Accommodation at hotels or equivalent must be as directed by the Club staff and at no times must any other person be accommodated in swimmers’ rooms.
  • Medication: It is important that information on all medication being currently taken should be reported to the Coach. Allergies to any medication must be reported to the Coach.

Code for Parents

  • Encourage your child to swim, never force them.
  • Ensure your child is on the poolside on time for training with the correct kit.
  • Ensure that you or another adult nominated by you are there on time at the end of the session to pick up your child. The Club is unable to act as a babysitting service or to supervise the changing areas. Coaches often go straight on to coach another squad and cannot be responsible for your child if you are late or if there is no other adult present who is taking responsibility for them. Parents / guardians of all children under 8yrs old must stay on the premises at all times during the session. If you leave an older child and you will be responsible for collecting them, please inform the Coach and ensure that you have left your contact details with another parent of a swimmer in the same squad before you leave. You must also inform that parent if you cannot be back before the end of the session. The Club accepts it has a duty of care to look after an unattended swimmer in unforeseen circumstances but should this be repeated or regular, necessary action would need to be taken.
  • Ensure that the Club has up to date contact (including emergency contact) numbers for you.
  • Inform the Coach before training of any illness / injury your child may have.
  • Do not interrupt the Coach while coaching unless asked to do so or in an emergency. If you wish to speak to the coach about your child, please speak to them at the start of a session to arrange a suitable time.
  • In your dealings with your child’s Coach, treat the Coach with respect and in the same manner as you would wish to be treated.
  • Focus on your child’s efforts rather than winning or losing.
  • Provide positive verbal feedback after training and competition.
  • Be realistic about your child’s ability; do not push them beyond that which they are capable of achieving.
  • Take an interest in your child’s progress by watching training sessions and galas.
  • Show appreciation of good swimming by all swimmers from all clubs.
  • Respect decisions made by coaches and officials and encourage swimmers to do the same.
  • Keep payments of Club, ASA registration and entry fees up to date.
  • Bullying of any kind (whether that be Emotional, Physical, Racist, Sexual, Homophobic and Verbal, but not limited to these), will not be tolerated.

Breaches of the Code for Swimmers will be dealt with in the first instance by the Coach. This may include a verbal warning followed by sitting out for a ‘time out’. The Coach may also require the swimmer to get dressed and sit back on poolside, if a parent or other responsible adult is not present. If the Coach considers the breach (or breaches) merits this, the Coach will report the incident to the secretary of the Club’s management committee. Breaches of the Code for Parents by parents will normally be reported to the secretary of the Club’s management committee and dealt with in accordance with ASA guidelines. Sanctions for breach of any Code may include a verbal or written warning or suspension from Club activities. The Club also has the right under its constitution to suspend or expel a swimmer for breaches by the relevant parent of the Code for Parents.

The Club’s Responsibilities

The Club will undertake to:

  1. Endeavour to inform the relevant parent (or the adult they have left responsible for their child during training) at once if their child becomes ill and ensure their well being until the relevant parent or responsible adult are able to collect him/her.
  2. Ensure that the ASA Child Protection Policy and guidance is followed to keep each child safe.
  3. Ensure all activities are properly supervised / taught / coached and consent is obtained for any activity outside of that previously agreed.
  4. Ensure that all our coaches and committee members adhere to the ASA’s Code of Ethics and treat all members with respect.

A parent has a right to:

  1. Make a complaint to the Club if they feel that the Club or a member of the Club is not acting in accordance with ASA/Club laws and rules. Details of how to do this can be obtained from the Club welfare officer or a member of the Club’s management committee.
  2. Make a complaint on behalf of their child to the ASA.