The committee meet ten times a year at 7pm on the first Tuesday of most months. We discuss all matters swimming orientated with particular regard to the running of our club. The agenda consists of Correspondence received; the Coaches report; the Treasurers report; Fundraising report; BOSSS report and; Any Other Business.

If you have anything you would like the committee to discuss during ‘Any Other Business’, please fill in a feedback form by clicking here 

President – Lynn Coleman

Vice President –

Chairman – Trevor Briggs

Vice Chairman – Margaret Dixon

Secretary – Lynn Coleman

Assistant Secretary –

Treasurer – Mandy Tombling

Coaching Manager – Clem Laidler

Assistant Coaching Manager –

Fundraising Chair – Christine Laidler

Club Development Secretary – Carina Peebles / Clem Laidler

Registration Secretary – Margaret Dixon / Christine Laidler/ Lynn Coleman

BOSSS Committee Representatives –  TBA

Ladies Captain & Masters Chair – Donna Devlin

Mens Captain – Alan Bowman

Child Protection Officer – Donna Devlin

Schools Liason – Trevor Briggs / Carina Peebles

Chaperones –

Committee Member and Official Club Cake Baker – Margaret Dixon

Committee Member – Carina Peebles

Committee Member – Lauren Sinden

Committee Member – Christine Laidler

Committee Member – Clem Laidler

Committee Member – Andrew Quince

Committee Member – Lynn Coleman

Committee Member – Keith Steel

Committee Member – Dave Thomas

Committee Member – Andrew Quince

Committee Member – Irene Thomas

Committee Member – Margaret Dixon

Committee Member – Susan Hall

Committee Member – Donna Devlin

Committee Member – Debbie Tunstall